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timberlad started this conversation
I am a father of 4 beautiful children ages 16 down to 1. Unfortunately Jen their mother has been held out of work for the past 3 years. So when her father passed last year we both thought it was a god idea to move in with her mother and help with the bills. Well come to find out her mother has had a addiction to zanindx and pain pills for a while now. So not only would money come up missing but the money I gave her for bills never were paid. I can and can't take much ore of this I can afford between 1,400 and 1.700 a month. I have been bled dry and always feel d depressed I just need a little help. And have a year end bonus of at least 10,000 and can pay back with interest or help others. All we need is the security deposit we have the
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You could take over the bills instead of handing her cash? If you get a year end bonus try a bank or credit union maybe.
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